WPI AS has developed an "intelligent" turbine.

WPI AS has developed the well-known Darrieus turbine into a modern Active Pitch Controlled Vertical Axis Water Turbine. This has given us a unique patented technology with verified efficiency of 50%.

The WPI turbine is a breakthrough in small scale environmental friendly power production!

This means that it is possible to produce electricity, at highly competitive prices. Electricity produced from sources that are considered sustainable are costly and the WPI are the only known contraption that challenge that opinion.
In addition, the electricity produced by the WPI turbine will be comparable priced, to that derived from non-sustainable sources, such as hydropower, gas, coal, oil and nuclear.

The WPI turbine can be deployed in sustainable sources such as running water of any kind, rivers, tidal waters and ocean currents.

The market potential is very large, and the benefit likewise.
The WPI turbine will be an important auxiliary energy source to other known ones, such as water power, thermal based production etc.

- A number of vertical foils are suspended from a horizontal star down into the running water.
- The foils' angle of attack is electronic controlled by chips and special motors and based upon the ever present water speed.
- There is a start/stop function
- There is a RPM control

-Testing shows the WPI turbine to be the most efficient low pressure foil turbine known – with a documented efficiency of 50%

WPI turbine prototype BRAVO
WPI turbine prototype BRAVO

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